Creating my own brand. Free, rhythmic and playful.
It is this abstract vision of graphic design we want 
to convey through our collections. The expression of the textile design 
field opens more independent production and 
alternative and it is in this context that our ambition 
to expose our graphic designer culture.
«Free camo» is a revisit of the camouflage pattern. 
The units have been designed pattern smaller, free, atomic. 
The colors have been diverted for their classic tones
to emphasize the evocation of the emancipation of 
the original framework.
Silk scarf 90cm x 90cm
Manufactured in Lyon (France)
«True Black» reveals several reading levels. 
It’s dark and matrix appearance can reveals numerous details 
offering a contrast to both geometric and chromatique.
The framework unstructured and outward sums up the spirit 
of this creation.
Update of www.epolet.fr soon online. 
Disponible chez Superstrat 
154 rue Blaes 1000 Bruxelles
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